Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted far too many people through illness and economic hardships. It has exposed extreme inequities in our communities. Many have used this time to refocus and to do more to help our neighbors in need. Through this challenging but inspiring time, Imagine GIVING Design came to be. Our mission is to Refresh, Repurpose, Re-Imagine.

Refresh – Home is more important than ever. When one’s home is comfortable and in order, difficult challenges are more easily overcome. By refreshing living spaces for those in need or in transitional housing, we seek to help them make a fresh start.

Repurpose – Whenever possible, Imagine GIVING Design incorporates gently-used items to give them a second purpose. This not only helps people in need, it eliminates waste and recycles these items in a thoughtful and practical way. Through generous donations, we also shop for new items to keep the homes feeling like their own.

Read about Imagine GIVING Design’s work in the March/April issue of Arlington Magazine. 

Time-lapse video from our first apartment at the Carpenter’s Shelter.


Re-Imagine – Imagine GIVING Design works to reimagine transitional spaces with a personal focus. Each space is designed to give the occupant a sense of home and belonging, and a place to reimagine their own future.

This whole process truly renews the spirits of those who give, and those who receive.